Trying To Understand Wyndham Rewards “Go Free” Availability

Wyndham RewardsI recently wrote about A Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare Offer We Couldn’t Refuse.

With this offer, the Michael W Travels family will have 4 days 3 nights in Orlando, Florida. The thing is that we still need one more hotel night!

I’d like to use points for the last night,  so I narrowed the options down to an IHG property booked as a Points Break or a booking with Wyndham Rewards

I have enough Wyndham Rewards points for 6 nights plus some extra.

The Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek looks like a very nice property and one that would make for a great redemption if not for one problem- availability!

I did a search for the night we were looking to book. The property is available to book when paying with cash or cash + points, however it is not available as a Go Free award!

This didn’t seem to make a lot of sense! If the room was available with both methods of payment mentioned above, why could it not be booked for 15,000 points for free?

I decided to call Wyndham customer support to try to get some more details.

After explaining the situation and the frustration I was having, the rep did a search and confirmed that it wasn’t available as a Go Free night. He also told me that he did not have a specific answer as to why I couldn’t book with points for a free night. He went on to say that it was a decision of the property when they offer Go Free nights.

You’d think that Wyndham Rewards would have set criterion as to when rooms are bookable as a Go Free award. Apparently, its up to the discretion of the property! Strange.

The rep also mentioned that I could call the property’s front desk and ask about the booking issue. I somehow doubt that the front desk staff will have a clue or that I’ll get anywhere with this, so I didn’t bother to contact the hotel.

I decided to send a tweet to @Wyndham on Twitter,  I’m currently waiting for a response.

Have you had success booking Go Free nights with your Wyndham Rewards points or have you been frustrated by a lack of availability?

6 thoughts on “Trying To Understand Wyndham Rewards “Go Free” Availability

  1. Im having the same problem. Trying to book 2 nights in either Chicago or Santa Monica, and no matter what i do there is no availability.

    These points are appearing almost useless except for low value properties.

  2. Angela- Hopefully, we all can find some good value in these free nights but it seems like they might be more of a headache than anything… I hope that is not the case.

    JohnJ- So far, Wyndham has not responded to my tweet. Not cool!

    Scott- That sucks! I had high hopes for these free nights but it seems like we all might have to set the bar low.

  3. I’m interested as well. There is a Wyndham property in San Juan, Puerto Rico (TRYP by Wyndham Isla Verde), that is blacked out every day.

  4. I have used several Go Free nights at regular Wyndham properties (Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill and Days Inn in London) but I had the same issues as you, booking Days Inn in London. Wyndham Rewards terms for Go Free used to say if a standard room is available, you can book with Go Free and there would be no black out dates. That has changed. I had to argue with them quite a bit 3 years ago to get the room booked in London. If you think it is hard to book a hotel, try finding a condo, cottage, or house. I gave up. We have enough points for seven free nights and I don’t know where we will end up using them.

    1. Angela,
      Don’t hold on to your Wyndham points too long as they expire 4 years after posting. Check their T’s & C’s for details —-

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