Earn 500 Bonus United Miles With 1st Purchase Using MileagePlus X App

MileagePlus XBesides credit card sign-up bonuses, the easiest ways to earn miles and points is by earning them through shopping and dining portals. These portals allow you to earn bonus points for things that you’re already purchasing.

One way to earn bonus United Airlines miles is through the MileagePlus X app.

MileagePlus X is currently offering a bonus of 500 United miles for your first purchase using the app. The offer is good until May 15, 2018.

How MileagePlus X works:

  1. Log into the the app using your United MileagePlus account info
  2. Search the app to see where to shop
  3. Purchase an e-gift card for the purchase amount
  4. Earn some extra United miles

MileagePlus XSome Rules: (from the offer e-mail)

  • In each purchase transaction, you are purchasing an electronic gift card. Any returns or exchanges are subject to the applicable merchant’s policies, terms and conditions, and you may be entitled only to store credit. Some gift card purchases have a redemption deadline and associated refund opportunity.
  • Browse merchants within MileagePlus X to view applicable earning rates.
  • Fractions of miles will not be awarded for MileagePlus X transactions, and the number of miles awarded will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. 
  • You must be a new MileagePlus X user and will earn the bonus on your first mileage-earning purchase made via the app.
  • First purchase must be completed by May 25, 2018(I’d make the purchase by May 15 since that’s the date mentioned initially in the e-mail.)
  • Please allow 6–8 weeks after the completed qualifying activity for bonus miles to post to your account. 

Have you used the MileagePlus X app? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

I’ve been hesitant to use it for purchases because usually when you purchase an item with a gift card, if you return it, you’re given a gift card or store credit in return.

7 thoughts on “Earn 500 Bonus United Miles With 1st Purchase Using MileagePlus X App

  1. I’ve used the app for years; it’s great. If you buy a food gift card, such as Texas Roadhouse, you get 5xmiles per dollar for the cost of the gift card; if you use your Chase Sapphire Reserve, CSR recognizes it as a restaurant, too – so you get 3xmiles more per dollar. Not bad.
    Yes, you only get a gift card/credit for any returns. But it’s handy. Fire it up when you check out of a store and get miles for the same purchase you would have used any credit card for…..

    1. @JRG: totally agree with your write-up, but note the dining category no longer passes through for Chase cards as of last month. Now that it’s either MPX or CSR 3X, I choose the latter.

      1. Thanks for the update on the dining category “fix.” Another thing about MPX is that they occasionally have increases – a couple months ago it was 10x for Domino’s for example, and 8x for Chili’s. Easy to buy the gift card on MPX and email it to a friend; you don’t have to use them yourselves either.
        Another thing – you can shop through a portal and then buy the MPX gift card to pay. I do that often. Let’s say Macy’s at MP Shopping is doing 10miles/dollar, and you click through. When you get to payment (to include taxes), then do a MPX gift card at 3x/dollar to pay. Voila – 13 miles/dollar for a purchase you intended to make anyways….

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