World’s 1st Beer Hotel Will Have Taps In Every Room

image: wikicommons

Beer lovers will soon have less of a reason to leave a new hotel opening up in 2019.

The world’s first beer hotel is under construction in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by craft brewer BrewDog.

The hotel is set to open in around one year, in early 2019.

The Doghouse Hotel will have 26 rooms with beer pretty much at their fingertips. Each room will have their own taps and to take things a bit further, the showers will have built-in refrigerators so you grab a beer while washing up.

What’s interesting about the hotel is that BrewDog’s beers won’t be the only brand available to guests. T+L writes that, “craft beers from some of the brewery’s favorite companies” will also be available to give customers a variety to choose from.

The hotel will be at the company’s headquarters. Some rooms will overlook the brewery floor to give the guests a close-up view of the beer making process.

After the BrewDog hotel opens in Scotland, they plan to open another hotel in Ohio in the second half of 2019.

Find out more from T+L here.

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