I Won A Tasty Prize From DoubleTree Through Instagram

doubletreeOver the years I’ve had pretty good luck winning a variety of prizes from sweepstakes primarily ran through social media.

The biggest prize I won was a trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico. The other prizes have varied from hotel points to rubber duckies!

Back in December, DoubleTree was running a sweepstakes through Instagram.

There wasn’t much info about the sweepstakes but those who entered would have a chance to win a DoubleTree by Hilton cookie tin!

While I haven’t stayed at many DoubleTree properties, the thing that stands out most is the cookie you receive upon arrival. (I’ve also been known to ask for one during checkout!)

In the sweepstakes, DoubleTree wanted to know, “How many stacked DoubleTree cookies would it take to reach the top of Mt. Everest?” To enter, you had to “comment with your best guess for a chance to win a cookie tin.”

I wanted to make an educated guess so I looked up the height of Mt. Everest and the thickness of the average cookie to come up with my answer of “1,142,874 cookies.”

I’m not exactly sure if this guess was close but I did receive a direct message through Instagram on late Friday afternoon.

Here’s the message from @doubletree: “Hi Michael, Congrats, you’ve won a package of our signature #DoubleTreeCookies for participating in our IG contest…”

I responded with my personal info and am now waiting for my prize to arrive!

The famous DoubleTree Cookies can be ordered online here. For $14.95 you can order a tin which contains six cookies. I’m not sure if this is what I’ll be receiving but I should find out soon enough!

Not only is Instagram a great place to share your photos (feel free to follow me here), you can also enter contests through the site from time to time.

Have you won any online contests? If so, what have you won?

Here are some other contests that I’ve won:

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