Earn 5X Miles and Points For Your Uber Rides

uberMany of us take an extra step before making a purchase by picking up gift cards at office supply stores like Staples to earn 5X miles and points.

Since the Chase Ink card earns 5X points at office supply stores, I purchase gift cards for gas (Shell & BP), Amazon.com and Whole Foods. There are also a few other gift cards that I purchase from time to time.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come across some travel-related gift card options:

This past weekend, I needed to reload the balance on my Amazon account. I stopped by Staples and came across a gift card which I’d never seen before.

a hand holding a blue gift card

Uber has been a very popular way for many people to get around. Rather than wait to catch a cab or call a car service, it’s much more convenient to request an Uber through our phones.

Besides the convenience of requesting a ride, the prices tend to be pretty fair, too.
a hand holding a gift card

Convenience and good prices are awesome but it will also be nice to earn 5X miles and points on future Uber rides.

Do you purchase gift cards at Staples and other office supply stores to earn bonus miles and points?

Get a FREE Uber Ride:

If you haven’t yet signed up for an Uber account, consider using my link and you’ll get $5 off of your first 4 rides. (After you take your ride, I’ll get credit too.)

6 thoughts on “Earn 5X Miles and Points For Your Uber Rides

  1. Just be aware that those Uber gift cards cannot be used for rides outside the US where I need it most. Made the mistake of buying a $100 Uber GC and it’s now sitting in my Uber account unused.

    If you also have a refund on a non-US ride where there was a problem, the refund is in the country currency which can only be used when you return to the country of the currency.

  2. Or you can get Uber gift cards at Walmart.com for 10% off without ever leaving your house. It happens quite often. Sure, I don’t get the 5x, but I get my 1x SPG

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