Earn 400 JetBlue TrueBlue Points For Completing A Survey

JetBlue TrueBlueI recently received an e-mail offer where I could earn 400 JetBlue TrueBlue points just for completing a survey.

I haven’t done surveys in years to earn miles but this seemed like an offer worth looking into.

With the offer, the 400 bonus points could be earned after completing your first survey! This sounds easy enough as you don’t need to wait to take multiple surveys to earn a decent amount of points.

Here are the steps to earn the bonus: (from the e-mail)

  1. JOIN: Join the new Jet Opinions panel.
  2. SHARE: Share your opinions by taking online surveys that match your interests.
  3. EARN: Earn TrueBlue points for every survey you take, and we’ll automatically deposit them into your account.

Some Rules:

  • Offer available only to TrueBlue members enrolling in the Jet Opinions program for the first time.
  • To earn 400 TrueBlue bonus points, join the Jet Opinions program and complete your first survey within 3 months of enrolling.

I decided to sign up for Jet Opinions account but I haven’t had a chance to try to do a survey. I am curious to see just how long a survey takes. I’d hope that they take not more than a few minutes.

Have you taken a survey with Jet Opinions? I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort after the first survey is completed.

Find out more about the offer and sign up for Jet Opinions here.

8 thoughts on “Earn 400 JetBlue TrueBlue Points For Completing A Survey

  1. I joined the program in late October. Each survey can take anywhere from seven or eight minutes up to twenty or twenty-five minutes. If you have some time on your hands, it can work out pretty well. Since the end of October until today, February 2, I have earned 12,000 points. The points are added to your account immediately. I average about ten surveys a day.

  2. i have been recieving surveys but when i go to take them it always says no survey available at this time

  3. I unsubscribed and deactivated my account after one “survey”, several minutes of my time and receiving 2 points–after being told that my failing to be Hispanic made me of no interest to your client. The e-mails promising 400 points for completing a survey are horribly deceptive. They have created more ill-will toward JetBlue through this bait & switch than any late flight ever could. I will never get those minutes back. Perhaps they need a survey about people’s happiness with JetOpinions–they might be surprised (or not). If I were in charge of JetBlue, I would think twice before alienating my loyal airline customers in the effort to capture some marketing revenue.

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