Can I Bring A Kids Micro Scooter As A Carry-On Item?

Recently, I wrote a post asking the question, Can I Bring A Screwdriver In My Carry-On Bag?

I needed the screwdriver for a trip that I was going on with Lucas.

Lucas loves riding his Micro Scooter so Kim and I thought it would be a good idea to bring it on our trip. The only problem was taking it apart to pack in a bag. To do so, I needed a screwdriver.

You might wonder why a scooter would be a good item to bring along? I knew that we’d be doing a lot of walking during our visit to Pittsburgh. If Lucas was going to have to walk everywhere, it would definitely be tough for him to keep up. I also figured that after a couple of hours of walking he’d burn out. (Yes, 5 year-olds do get tired!)

With the scooter Lucas would look forward to wandering around.

The next question I had was whether or not a kids Micro Scooter was allowed onboard as a carry-on item?

I called the American Airlines Gold desk to find out some info. I described the scooter and the rep mentioned that they’ve never heard that question before. After searching and searching, the rep couldn’t find anything related to the question.

The only scooter that came up in a search were knee scooters which are used for medical purposes.

She then said that it was probably OK to bring it along but she wasn’t 100% sure. I was placed on a long hold while she searched for an answer and I don’t recall, but she may’ve also asked a supervisor.

At the end of our conversation she apologized for not having a definitive answer for me.

I figured that even if Lucas’s Micro Scooter couldn’t come onboard as a carry-on, we could always gate check it like we do with stroller.

Here is how the situation turned out.

Just about all roll aboard bags had to be gate-checked. The overhead space was very tight on our ride, an Embraer 140/145. (I’m not sure exactly which plane it was.) However, there was no issue with Lucas’s scooter.

The scooter fit right above our seat along with his helmet.

Once we got off of the plane, I pulled to the side to put his Micro Scooter back together.

As Lucas scooted by, he got lots of smiles and comments from other travelers and airline employees. Some security guards he briefly chatted with said that a scooter would come in handy for their job!

11 thoughts on “Can I Bring A Kids Micro Scooter As A Carry-On Item?

  1. When in doubt, @AskTSA on Twitter and they will respond quickly regarding what can and cannot be taken through security.

  2. Thanks so much for this post! My twin 4 yo girls love their mini micro too so I want to bring them to international trip with me. May I ask what is the bag that you used to carry it in? I am excited that no one complained about your boy scootering inside the airport !

      1. Thanks for your reply! Yesterday I dissembled the scooters and found I can carry two of them in the fold up bag i use for grocery. So that’s what I will try!

    1. Hi Michael-

      Thanks so much for sharing! This is the info I have been looking for and couldn’t find elsewhere. May I ask if you brought the micro mini or maxi? I know the maxi is longer when folded/disassembled, and could exceed carry on size for certain airlines such as United.

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