My Newfound Love for the Window Seat

View From the Window 

When I fly, I always prefer to sit in an aisle seat. There are a few reasons why the aisle is my choice.

First of all, I don’t want to bother anybody if I need to get up to go to the restroom or get something out of my bag in the overhead bin. I also like that I can stretch my leg into the aisle, even for a few seconds if the space feels a bit tight. The last reason I like the aisle is so that I can quickly get my bag out of the overhead bin upon landing.

During our flight home from Toronto last month, I rediscovered a reason to love the window seat.

The view from the window of an airplane can be pretty spectacular. However, I tend to not look out of the window upon takeoff or landing since the plane is usually moving and veering a bit which can make me feel a bit nauseous.

Motion sickness can do that to you so for me its best to just look straight and keep busy with whatever I’m doing whether it be watching a movie, playing online or just relaxing.

During the flight mentioned above, I had the best of both worlds. With Kim, Lucas and I seated in business class I had an aisle and window seat.

You see the cabin we were in had one seat on the left side and two on the right. While I wouldn’t consider myself an airplane geek I do enjoy seeing different kind of planes. Our flight was on a Embraer 175. (Yes, I had to look it up.)

Our flight got off to a fun start when American Airlines made Lucas a special crewmember. (My little guy got to visit the cockpit and they even made a special announcement during the flight!)

Otherwise, I skimmed a magazine and took a nap for most of the short flight.

Our flight was going smoothly so as we were getting close to landing, I decided to start gazing out of the window. It also happened to be a very clear day.

I couldn’t believe the view from the window! I pulled out my iPhone as quickly as I could and snapped a few photos of some recognizable landmarks.

Check them out:

Manhattan views with the tallest building being One World Trade Center aka the Freedom Tower.

One of our favorite parks to visit in New York City is Flushing Meadows- Corona Park in Queens. The park is home to some interesting Worlds Fair Sites. My favorite from the group would be the Unisphere shown above.

Just as we made it past the Unisphere, I was treated to possibly the best view I’ve ever had of the home of my favorite sports team, the New York Mets. It was pretty awesome getting such a great look at Citi Field from high above!

Where do you prefer to sit during a flight- aisle or window seat? (It’s safe to say that nobody would choose the middle!)

Regardless of these great views, I’ll still be sure to pick aisle seats on future flights unless I can get a seat which provides the best of both worlds.

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