I Won 10,000 Starpoints in the SPG Design Hotels Game!

Design Hotels

The SPG and Design Hotels Game started on November 18 and I’ve been entering daily.

Just for playing the game, you get entries into the grand prize drawing where you can win 5 free nights at category 1-6 hotels + 50,000 SPG points. There are also instant win prizes like a free hotel night certificate or 1,000- 10,000 Starpoints.

To enter the game, all you do is enter your SPG account # and complete a simple puzzle.

It can get annoying to enter daily but then again, you never know, maybe one of the daily entries get you the grand prize or an instant prize.

Yesterday afternoon I played the game and expected to see that I did not win but boy was I surprised. After completing the puzzle, this message came up:

Design Hotels

I won 10,000 Starpoints- the best instant prizes you could win!

SPG also sent an e-mail confirmation (image above) that I won.

The SPG and Design Hotels Game is still open until December 18. If you haven’t been playing, I’d recommend that you do.

Here is what you can win:

Instant Prizes:

  • 185 winners- One free night award (arv. $171) at a Category 1-5 hotel or resort. Award must be used by March 31, 2016.
  • 1,480 winners- 1,000 Starpoints (arv. $25)
  • 1,110 winners- 5,000 Starpoints (arv. $125)
  • 925 winners- 10,000 Starpoints (arv. $250)

Grand Prize: 2 winners

  • Five free night awards in category 1-6 hotels + 50,000 Starpoints

Have you been playing the SPG and Design Hotels game? If you’ve won, let us know what you’ve won.

Find out more and enter the SPG and Design Hotels game here.

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11 thoughts on “I Won 10,000 Starpoints in the SPG Design Hotels Game!

  1. Also won 10k points (last Saturday) — it was a nice surprise after a long day of bad weather and holiday traffic :). Didn’t have any luck up to that point either, and was starting to get discouraged. Happy holidays!

  2. Won the 10k also over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Everyday, I am entering my SPG acct, my mom’s SPG acct, and my dad’s SPG acct. Hopefully we can maximize on this! Good luck to everyone else!!

  3. I wont 10K points on my first try on the first day this contest ran…and haven’t won again since. Nor has my husband. We’ll just keep trying…

  4. Don- Congrats on the win and good luck to another!

    Marc- Awesome!

    DL- I think I know what your problem is. Call up SPG and make sure that your account is active. If you haven’t had any account activity in a long time you might need to call in.

    Bill- Keep trying since you also get entries into the grand prize. I’m pretty sure there is only one instant win per SPG account though.

  5. I won a Cat 1-6 certificate. In addition to the congrats email, I got a text from SPG to call in, did you have to do that?

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