600 IHG Points Or A Free Drink- What Would You Choose?

IHG Points

Kim, Lucas and I recently spent a night at IHG’s new EVEN Hotels location in NYC at Times Square South. We booked the hotel using an IHG credit card anniversary free night. (IHG credit cardholders get one free night at any hotel around the world each year.)

After staying at the EVEN Hotels in Norwalk, CT, I was happy to see that the EVEN brand was expanding by adding 3 NYC locations.

Since we really enjoyed our stay in Norwalk, we figured it would be fun to see how the first NYC location compared.

Upon check-in, we were greeted by a couple of EVEN’s friendly staff.

After giving my name for check-in, I was thanks for being a Platinum IHG member.

We were then offered one of their flavored waters (Lucas had fun playing with the dispensers) and given our room #, keys and told about the included wifi.

Just before walking off to go check out the room, I was offered a choice for a welcome amenity.

I was asked if I’d like a free drink coupon for the lower-level bar or 600 IHG points.

I didn’t think we’d be doing much drinking at the hotel so I gladly accepted the points! While not a lot, I’ll still take what I can get.

IHG PointsI received an e-mail from IHG a few hours after check-out with the subject “You have received Welcome Amenity points” and when I checked my IHG account, the points were already deposited.

What would you chose- a free drink or IHG points?

7 thoughts on “600 IHG Points Or A Free Drink- What Would You Choose?

  1. I almost always opt for the drink because I typically feel its a better value than 600 IHG points. About 75% of the time I can get the desk clerk to give me two drink certs – one for me and one for my partner – and then the value is definitely greater than 600 points. Throw in the fact that the welcome points only seem to post 50-75% of the time without followup effort and it’s a slam dunk for me.

  2. Everybody Hates A Tourist- I think it depends on the situation but points do usually win over a drink.

    Jonathan- When we stayed at the EVEN Hotel in Norwalk I’m pretty sure we were offered two drink certs which we accepted over the points.

  3. There are three reasons why I personally would choose the points over a drink:

    I do not drink alcoholic beverages; the addition of new points help to extend the expiration date of points already existing in the account; and while not much, 600 points are that much closer to an award redemption.

  4. Points bc I don’t care about drinks. Got the same offer at Intercontinental Times Square and points didn’t post so need to follow up

  5. Last March on a “Points Break” stay, I was offered two bottles of water as an amenity or 500 points. In that case it was a no brainer as I chose bring my cost of the stay down to 4000 points: 5000 points minus this 500 and the 10% rebate(500 points). This HIE is normally 28,000 points/night. I did have to follow-up on the 500 points amenity however but they were then awarded rather quickly.

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