20 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-mails Arrive!

Priceless Surprises

On Friday, December 11 I received 21 prize e-mails from IHG Priceless Surprises.

It seemed that the e-mails were arriving on Fridays but I failed to receive any more the following week! My guess would be that the prize administrator, Hello World was a bit busy getting flooded with mailed in entries.

At that point I had earned 11,500 IHG points from the 21 e-mails I received. 

Yesterday I was happy to see that another 20 prize entries had arrived in my  inbox! These e-mails arrived on a Wednesday so the Friday arrival day was no longer the only day we should be checking our in boxes.

I was excited to see what I would win and eagerly opened e-mails and played the game.

During this round of play, I earned:

  • 16- 500 point prizes
  • 1- 1,000 points prize
  • 1- 5,000 points prize

My total came to 14,000 IHG points! Not bad at all! I was really surprised when I won 5,000 points. Definitely not a bad prize!

I also received five entries of 0 points. This doesn’t really add up since it appears that I now had 23 entries.

Priceless Surprises

A reader asked if we could play the IHG Priceless prize links multiple times. I had to give the idea a try when I got my next batch of emails. I refreshed the link of one of my entries and received a message that I didn’t win this time.

I decided to go back to finishing off the links from each e-mail before refreshing used links when I was all done.

According to what I wrote down, play #21 won me 500 points!

I then refreshed the screen two times getting no points each of those times. I decided to give up and not play around any longer. I then decided to reopen one of the prize e-mails I received and click the link. This led to a page that said I didn’t have any game plays left.

One other thing I noticed. I found out from a reader that Priceless Surprises points should post in 6 weeks.

When we win prizes, it says to look out for a second e-mail on how to claim them. From the info in the above link it states that the win screens were supposed to be updated to say that points would post in 6 weeks. It appeared that there would not be any second e-mail for our prizes.

However, when I won this newest round of prizes the image still stated to “check your e-mail for more details on how to redeem your Priceless Surprise“.

I’ve now won 25,500 from 41 (or 42-44) prize e-mails. I’m hoping to see more e-mails come through in the near future. I also need to finish writing my final 14 entries!

Did you enter IHG’s Priceless Surprise. If so, how many points (and prizes) did you win?

13 thoughts on “20 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-mails Arrive!

  1. Question – the official rules say that eligibility includes IHG membership and a Business or Personal Mastercard. Does that mean any Mastercard or does it have to be an IHG Mastercard? I’m about to start filling in entries and don’t want my efforts to be in vain (I don’t have the IHG card). TIA

  2. I just received my first 20 today but stopped after a few because I hesitate to continue without getting the confirmation email they reference on the prize screen. Are you just trusting that the points will show up in your account at some point or have you managed to confirm that the points will appear despite lack of confirmation email? Would hate to click through all the links just to find out there’s a glitch going on after all those hours spent!! Thanks for the good read

  3. Kekoa00- I think the discrepancy is in counting all entries as winning a minimum of 500 points. Not sure we’ll fully know until the points post. Either way, fun promo for minimal expense and a pain in the hand! Good luck with the rest of the entries.

  4. MFK- Be patient. It seems as though Hello World has been slammed with write-in entries!

    Matt B- Hopefully you’ll get some entries soon!

    Marlene- Good luck!

    kekoa00- That does make a lot of sense but at this point I’ve won 4 prizes from Group B. Based on your theory I should’ve won one more at this point. I guess I’ll see what happens with the rest!

    Sean- I hand-wrote everything. It was a real pain and I still need to finish my last batch.

    1. If you won (3) 1,000 and (1) 5,000 and (37) 500 that would have equaled (41) entries and 26,500 points — not 25,500. Somewhere along the line, either the amount of entries, or the amount of points awarded were miscalculated. At least from my experience, the 0 point entry I received allowed me to play one more time. Whatever the outcome, nice to score some very discounted points in a moderately fun, crampy-handed way. Good luck to everyone trying to hit the ‘A’ prizes!

  5. Question for those who have received emails: Did you hand write the addresses on the envelopes or did you use an automated system to create shipping labels?

  6. I figured out the 0 entries. You’ve already won 5 ‘B’ prizes tied to your membership number so as you continue uncovering them the prize doesn’t register. I received a batch of 32 entries and won 5,000×2, 2,000×2, 1,000, and when I saw the picture of Paris I almost jumped out of my seat thinking I had won the grand prize. Turns out it’s just a blank and they’ll give you another turn. Which is another opportunity to uncover an ‘A’ prize with the consolation of always getting 500 points. Only 41 entries have counted for you thusfar.

    1. @Kekoa00: Interesting hypothesis, but it doesn’t square with MW’s results. He previously received only 500 point prizes (21 emails – 10.5K points), so he’s only got the two Group B prizes so far.

      Unless you’re postulating that his future prizes have already been assigned…

  7. Finally got my first batch of emails yesterday – 29. I sent them in batches, so it made sense. I won 500 each time except 5,000 once. I was ecstatic to get the 5,000. I sent in all 94 entries, so I’m looking forward to the rest.

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