Last Chance: Win Free Gogo Inflight Internet (3 Winners)

Gogo Inflight Internet

Last week I found out that I qualified for 12 free Gogo Inflight Internet sessions thanks to my US Bank FlexPerks card. This is a sweet deal which definitely helps make up for paying the annual fee.

I was given a bunch of Gogo codes at travel events a while back and thought it would be nice to spread the wealth. I started running a giveaway on October 21 and today is the last day to enter. Entries will be accepted until tonight, 10/26 at 12:00 am ET.

In my giveaway, three Gogo codes are being given away. Rather than have one winner, I thought it would be more fun to have a bunch of readers win. There will be three winners, each receiving one of the Gogo codes.

The codes expire on 3/31/2016. If you don’t end up flying by then you could always share them with a friend.

If you’re interested in winning free Gogo Inflight internet, you can do so through the widget of my post Free Gogo From US Bank FlexPerks For Me= Free Gogo For You here.

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