Earn Up to 2,500 Bonus AA Miles- Targeted

AA Miles
A couple of weeks back( before I left for our trip to Nicaragua) I received a bonus offer in the mail from Citi for my American Airlines Executive card.

I totally forgot about the offer until I received an e-mail with the same offer last night!

With this offer I can earn up to 2,500 bonus AA miles on eligible purchases made by 9/30/15.

The message from Citi AAdvantage calls this offer a way to earn 3X AA miles on eligible purchases but in reality the bonus is actually 2 miles per $.

To start earning the bonus, I had to sign up (by 8/31/15), which took one click. Easy enough…

AA Miles
image: citicards

I can now earn 3X miles in categories like grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, restaurants and commuter transportation merchants.

This is a targeted offer as the terms clearly state “This promotional offer is non-transferrable and applies to the account ending in the last 4 digits referenced in this offer“.

While I love earning bonus miles I’m not so sure that I will bother trying to earn the 2,500 bonus miles. First of all, I have loads of American Airlines miles. I’d also prefer to spend on other cards like my Chase Ink and Amex SPG. Another reason would be the need to complete the minimum spend on a new card that should be arriving within a week.

On the other hand, it won’t take much to earn the maximum bonus so maybe I will go for it.

Did you receive this bonus offer for your Citi Executive card? If so, do you plan to earn the bonus miles or will you place your spend on other cards?

2 thoughts on “Earn Up to 2,500 Bonus AA Miles- Targeted

  1. I received this offer. I have used these offers in the past and stacked them with the retention bonus of spend 1000 in a month, get a 1000 miles. This can make it worth it. One card apparently had the carryover from the previous retention offer and the new retention offer so I got this bonus targeted offer miles plus 1000 miles plus another 1000 miles!

  2. Greg T- Sounds good as long as you got a sweet retention offer for the Citi AA Exec card (or you are talking about using it for a different Citi AA card). The Exec card’s hefty annual fee is not something I’d pay again….

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