Earn 3,500 Bonus Rapid Rewards Points with Southwest Shopping

Southwest Shopping

Yesterday I wrote about how we could earn up to 3,500 bonus miles with AAdvantage eShopping which is a pretty solid offer…

I just came across another shopping bonus offer that I’m even more interested in earning.

Southwest Shopping has an offer where you can earn up to 3,500 bonus Rapid Rewards points!

So why would I prefer to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points opposed to American Airlines AAdvantage miles?

That would be a fair question to ask.

The thing is that I’d consider myself and Kim to have (for now) more than enough AA miles. I prefer to spread the wealth and earn with other programs too. Also, I earned the Southwest Companion Pass (for a 2nd time) recently. There is great value to be had using the pass so the more points that we have, the better.

Back to the Southwest Shopping offer…

The offers from AA and Southwest Shopping are more or less the same.

Bonus Rapid Rewards points earned are tied to the amount you spend (cumulatively) during the offer’s bonus period.

Southwest Shopping

The more you spend, the more you can earn (up to 3,500 points):

  • Spend $125, earn 500 bonus points
  • Spend $500, earn 1,500 bonus points
  • Spend $1,000, earn 3,500 bonus points

Again, bonus points earned are “in addition to standard points earned from shopping online through Rapid Rewards Shopping“. You’ll also earn miles/ points from whichever credit card that you choose to pay for your purchases with.

The bonus period runs from now until August 16, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm ET giving us a month to complete our spend to earn the bonus.

Which offer are you more interested in? Would you rather earn the shopping bonus through American or Southwest?

Find out more and start earning those bonus points through Southwest Shopping here.

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