Broken Zipper During A Trip- This Might Help

broken zipper

Ever worry about a zipper breaking on a favorite coat or bag? Now imagine this happening during a trip.

Do you really want to have to go out and buy new gear? Maybe you can’t just get to a store. You might be hiking the Inca Trail or on a trip to a remote place somewhere in Africa.

What if there was another way to fix your things and no need to scramble to replace them.

I received a message about a product which can potentially be very handy during a trip.

I was offered a sample which I accepted although I haven’t had a chance to test out.

Why not? I haven’t had a broken zipper to try it on…

FixnZip zipper repair comes in three sizes and a couple of colors.

At $9.99 or three for $24.99 (there is also a buy three, get one free offer currently going on) it might be a great item to bringĀ on upcoming trips.

broken zipper

While around $10 for a zipper sounds pricey, keep in mind that these zippers don’t require any tools, thread or needles.

The package also claims that FixnZip “works on many zippers with damaged teeth“.

Find out more about FixnZip here.

(The product in this post was offered to me for review. While I can’t vouch for it from experience, it does seem to be a potentially useful product.)

6 thoughts on “Broken Zipper During A Trip- This Might Help

  1. I have actually bought this product for a beloved bag that was plagued by a bad zipper. It did not work. Not even close. We tried the instructions, the website – it just didn’t work for our problem. In the end we found a tailor who sent it away and it came back perfect but cost about $30. In our instance it was useless but perhaps for others it might work.

  2. Kyle- Thanks for sharing your experience with the FixnZip. I was hoping to hear that it worked as advertised. Sorry to hear it didn’t do the trick for your bag.

  3. Wow, how low can this blog sink? Are you really struggling for content that much? Will you write about any garbage product someone sends you for free? The fact that you haven’t even tried this product makes this posting a complete advertisement. How much were you paid for this?

  4. J- I didn’t think that writing about a product that I felt could be useful during a trip was struggling for content. I am sent lots of products of which I write about very few.And btw- I wasn’t paid a dime to write about it.

  5. I used one on a heavy sleeping bag last summer, and it worked well. Zipper teeth were fine, just needed a new slider.

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