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Les Stroud Survivorman

A while back I used to love watching the show Survivorman on Discovery Channel. The show features survival expert Les Stroud.

In the show, Stroud gets dropped or stranded in the middle of various environments with not much more than the clothes on his back. The rules, according to the show’s website are ” no food, no shelter, no water, no tools and no camera crew“.

From what I recall, he would bring along a couple of items (I think he always had a small flint stick to make fire) and also use whatever he could find to survive for a pre-determined amount of time before meeting up with his team to be taken back to safety. In the event that the survival was too tough, I think he could call in help if need be.

The show is both interesting and funny if you ask me.

Currently there is a contest going on where you can win a spot to appear on Survivorman and survive with Les.

In the episode, “Les wants to bring a fan out into the wilderness with him” and find out if it might be even more difficult to survive with another person by his side.

To enter for a chance to get a spot on the show, you’ll need to create a video 5-10 minutes in length “showing your personality, filming ability, and unique qualities (video is not to be about your survival skills)“.

This definitely sounds like an interesting and amazing challenge but I don’t think at the moment it’s something I’d want to do. Maybe one of you would be interested in appearing in an episode of Survivorman though?

If you’re interested, there isn’t much time left to submit your video. It needs to be submitted by April 1, 2015.

The Prize: Appear on an episode of Survivorman (7 days on location to film an episode, location to be determined)

  • Roundtrip airfare to filming location
  • Ground transportation between airport and filming location
  • 7 nights hotel accomodations
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Some Rules:

  • Open to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and 50 United States & DC (excluding Arizona)
  • “Must reach age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at time of entry”
  • Filming should take place some time between April 20, 2015- May 10, 2015

So is anybody interested in trying to survive in rough conditions with Les Stroud?

Find out more and enter for a shot to appear on Survivorman here.

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