First REDcard Load of March, Not So Great Results

Target REDcard

With the start of a new month, so begins a new round of Target REDcard loads.

It used to take just two trips to Target to add the full month’s load amount ($5,000) by credit card but this has seems to have changed, well at least in Brooklyn, New York it has.

Based on my recent results, it looks like it now takes a minimum of 5 visits to add the full $5,000 per month to a card.

A little over a week back I wondered if Target’s pre-paid REDcard was limiting loads by credit card to $1,000 per day? Reader experiences loading the card seems to vary quite a bit.

I decided to visit two Target locations in one day to see if I could add more than the amount I was being told was the maximum allowed. One store was telling me that the limit was $1,000 per day and the system wouldn’t even allow her to do more. If this really was the case, then why could I load more money by credit card on the same day but at a different store?!

Check out my post “The Reloaders Are Here”, Another REDcard Experience if you haven’t already done so.

On March 1 I stopped by the Target store where I loaded my REDcard a few days earlier where the cashier was able to load my card without calling a manager over.

When I got to the customer service desk, I was surprised to see the same cashier ready to help me out.

I made a return and then asked  to load my REDcard. I expected the cashier to complete my transaction but she immediately asked a manager standing close by to do it.  Not a good sign…

I had hoped that the $1,000 load by credit card per day rule didn’t apply at this location but when the manager was called over, I just knew things had changed.

The manager loaded my card for me without any problem. After she was done I asked if I could do one more load. She told me how there was now a limit of $1,000 per day by credit card.

Bummer. It looks like my local Target stores are playing hard to load.

Since this experience I visited a Target in South Carolina. Check back to see how it went.

19 thoughts on “First REDcard Load of March, Not So Great Results

  1. Bought REDcard in Indy 2 weeks ago, and loaded the temp card with $500 no problem. Got my permanent REDcard 2 days ago, and loaded $2500 in IL today (IL does not sell the card). No problem. Boom, boom, boom. Done. And that’s with the CS lady never loading a card before.

  2. Made 2 loads (~$950 each) at the same spot on the same day in Austin, TX. No issues. Didn’t wanna make it too much of a hassle to the CSR, so I didn’t proceed with a third load. But I’m sure I can do it. I believe it is just store/regional policies which are not programmed in the register system.

  3. MFK- Glad to hear you were able to get the load done!

    DavidNJ- Have you encountered load limits at other locations?

    Chris- I hear ya about your concerns… I am finding the differences from store to store to be quite interesting (and annoying) thus worth writing about. I write about lots of different things. Maybe you need to take a longer look around… 🙂

    shoppergirl- I’d love to find another Target. There’s just not enough options close by.

  4. No issued at all loading the full $2500 in a day. Redbird is easy peasy. Looks like you need to find another Target.

  5. If I had one wish it would be that bloggers would stop obsessing X10 about Redcard which only brings more and more and more attention to it and inevitably hastens the end of a good thing. As usual. But alas, I also wish pigs could fly (cause that would be pretty cool). At least stop the daily updates on EVERY interaction one has with a cashier regarding a Redcard transaction. Seriously, there has to be something else in the traveling world you can blog about.
    (Rant/off. Carry on…)

  6. $5K on two cards today in Jersey … no problem. CS had never seen the card @ a location I hadn’t used before. She just followed the prompt on her screen.

  7. No issues loading $2500 in three swipes on two non-consecutive days in SoCal. On the second day, the CSR said she thought you could load only $500 per swipe, but tried $1000 when I said I thought she might be mistaken and it went through without a hitch. She never questioned being able to load $2500 per day though.

  8. Daniel S- I wish it was still that easy close to home!

    Brian- Wow $500. I don’t recall hearing a limit that low before.

    Raj-I haven’t bothered going there since I’ve heard the same as you’ve mentioned.

    Ben- Ummm OK. Not sure what is so crazy that I could’ve possibly made up. I share my experiences on MY blog. If you don’t like it, please do not come back.

    wise2u- Local locations do not have REDcard. I like the idea you have but I’m not sure that would be a great idea. I’d rather not daw more attention to CC loads by making a big stink about it.

  9. sounds like your in a state without Redcard. They tend to know less about the limits and rules of this new card and individual stores make up their own rules. If you can get the new card at your local store, then they need to be educated….print the limits and fees page from the redcard site and if the manager wants to ignore corporate policy you can get his boss to educate him…ask for the district managers email and phone number and shove their terms and conditions in their face. You are doing nothing wrong (although your credit card company might not think so) target allows set limits on this card and managers have to abide by the legal printed terms. I hate ignorant cashiers or managers that are too stupid to look it up and make up their own policies…..educate the morons.

  10. Considering everyone’s experiences across the country (incl mine), I’m now convinced you make up these stories to get clicks.

  11. I try to do a load today in Queens and was told the max is $500. Which was strange because I loaded at the same location this past Thursday for $1000. She told me the new rule was in place for about a week. I don’t think she was the manager. I didn’t want to argue so I just loaded $500. Anyone else have this experience? Think she was just making up rules.

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