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Target REDcard

The first few times I loaded my REDcard I had no issue adding $2,500 each time. At first I could do the full $2,500 in one transaction and after that stopped being allowed, I was able to do three charges back to back to reach the daily load-limit. Pretty simple…

Then things changed, at least at the Targets close to home. I wondered if Target was limiting REDcard loads by credit card to $1,000 per day. After getting a lot of feedback, this seems to be a rule being put in place in certain Target locations. I then shared another REDcard load experience where I visited two stores in less than an hour, having two very different experiences.

I shared my first REDcard load of March which had not so great results.

And then we went to Charleston

While I didn’t want to dedicate much time to running around, visiting Targets, I did have to make one visit.

Upon entering the store, I headed straight over to Guest Service. There were no customers being helped which was nice.

I asked the friendly cashier if she could load my card and she seemed very happy to do it.

Since she was so friendly, I decided to ask her if there was any limit when loading the card. She seemed to be familiar with the card but said that she thought I could load up to $999 per swipe.

I mentioned how I wasn’t from the area had done $1,000 per load in the past so she typed in the amount I mentioned and within no time my card was loaded. Can’t say that I was surprised…

She then mentioned how some people come into the store and load (more or less) the exact amount that they plan to spend on a purchase so they could save 5% when paying with the card. (It’s safe to say that these people aren’t miles & points collectors.)

I then asked if I could do a couple of more loads to finish the daily load limit…

Sure, no problem was her response. And I got service with a smile!

I went on to load $1,000 and then $500 more, using three different cards in all (so I could best avoid getting a fraud alert on any of the cards).

It’s too bad that my Charleston REDcard load experience couldn’t still be this way at local Target locations in Brooklyn, New York. It would definitely save me an extra three trips per month!

How have your REDcard experiences been going for you?

FYI- This Target location also sells the Prepaid REDcard for a $5 fee.

5 thoughts on “Target REDcard Experience: Charleston

  1. ihb9- The hassle is only worth it if you need an easy way to hit spends on new cards, just want a way to earn some free miles, shop a lot at Target AND have store locations that aren’t too far of a drive away. To me it is worth it!

    At the stores I go to, I have to go to customer service and have had to wait for a manager to be called over on a couple of instances. I agree that the service and rules should be consistent.

  2. Just got my REDcard and loaded for the first time over the weekend at two locations in Rockland County, NY.

    Both locations required that the card be filled at guest services by a manager, who in one instance had to be paged to come over and do the loading. I can’t say that either manager had a great attitude about it.

    Honestly I think Target should figure out whether this is a service they want to provide and then do so in a way that is friendly and consistent across their locations. At this point, loading my card generally isn’t worth the hassle given the $1k limit, especially if it means being treated with suspicion and mistrust.

  3. Geoff- To be more specific, we went to the Mt Pleasant location after visiting Boone Hall Plantation. Hopefully REDcard loads with credit cards last for a long time but can’t say that I think it will…

    NoonRadar- In Brooklyn, the two stores that accept credit cards only allow loading at customer service.

    I’ve only tried loading in Brooklyn and based on my experiences (including today) it is $1,000 per day with a manager handling the transaction. Now I’m sure I could go in the morning and later in the day when a new manager is on duty but that would be a real pain!

    I like the idea of loading odd amounts but for me, that would lead to even more trips to Target which I’d rather not do.

  4. The only difference I’ve experienced (Midwest) is that now some cashiers direct you to cust service to load.

    I know that the store by Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn is no go, but what’s your experience with other stores in the (NYC) area as of recently?

    As for this:
    “She then mentioned how some people come into the store and load (more or less) the exact amount that they plan to spend on a purchase so they could save 5% when paying with the card. (It’s safe to say that these people aren’t miles & points collectors.)”

    I’m one of the people who does that, but I’m merely pretending I’m paying a bill as I read an exact amount from my phone/piece of paper; I often load uneven amounts just to avoid FAother flags from the credit card company.

  5. I assume you mean Charleston South? In Charleston West the experience has been quite smooth.
    Hope we can keep it going.
    Guest services was not overly familiar with RedCard but after a bit of training they were very pleasant.

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