US Bank Where Are My 500 Bonus FlexPerks Points?

US Bank FlexPerksYesterday I received an e-mail from US Bank about what was supposed to be an easy and quick way to earn 500 US Bank FlexPerks FlexPoints for free.

However, this wasn’t exactly the case.

To earn the points, you’ll need to watch a short video (52 seconds long) about how FlexPoints transfer partner FamDoo works. I didn’t have much to lose so I went ahead and watched the video.

For those of you unsure of what FamDoo is (I had no clue), here is some info.

According to the e-mail from US Bank, “FamDoo is a modern-day allowance tool that helps parents reward their kids for desired behaviors. The FamDoo app and web experience helps coordinate family chores and promotes smart money habits. Kids earn points for a job well done, and can use those points for rewards“.

FlexPoints are transferable to FamDoo credits. You can also earn double FlexPoints when you purchase FamDoo points with your US  Bank FlexPerks card.

I accessed the offer through the e-mail from US Bank which led me to the FlexPerks PromoSite.

US Bank FlexPerks

According to the PromoSite, “you can earn 500 bonus FlexPoints just for watching a short video before March 2, 2015“.

I then clicked on Get Details which now brought me to a page with some info about FamDoo (and the promo). It stated that to earn the bonus FlexPoints, I’d need to click a button below to go to FamDoo site to watch the video.

The moment I arrived at the page, the FamDoo video started playing.

US Bank FlexPerks

While listening to the video, I also looked around the page and didn’t notice any mention of getting 500 FlexPoints after watching.

What I did see was that for signing up for FamDoo you could get 500 free allowance points. Huh??? I didn’t look into the offer for FamDoo points. I do think the service sounds like an interesting idea but I don’t need or want an account.

So, US Bank- where is my free 500 FlexPoints bonus???

If you have a US Bank FlexPerks card, click here to see what bonus offers are available for your account. If you have the FamDoo 500 points FlexPoints offer, please click through the offer and let me know if it worked for you.

11 thoughts on “US Bank Where Are My 500 Bonus FlexPerks Points?

  1. So, Ok, FamDoo is now shutting down on 4/29/15 per their blog and folks have until then to use it or get a refund. However, it is not working, so only option is hoping for a refund. The gift card option aka Spend, is supposed to send an email to the child with their gift card code within four hours. Two days have passed with no confirmation email or anything. Their phone number yielded a convo with a guy who immediately wanted to defer to his program mgr who was not in at the moment… There is a backlog in their system, but this should be automatic, right?
    I now requested the refund option, but my emails have not been acknowledged….

  2. Rapid Travel Chai- When clicking over to FamDoo there is no mention of bonus FlexPoints. They only mention getting 500 bonus Allowance Points which are used on their site.

    I have an update about the offer which is being published today.

  3. Looking it over carefully it seems you actually need to complete registration with FamDoo to get the points. And I doubt it is targeted, FlexPerks promos often are on the site but not always emailed.

  4. Clare N- Kinda odd how US Bank made this simple offer be confusing.

    Mark- Sounds like a plan!

    Carl P- Based on some more info I’ve received I think you are right!

  5. The subject of the email I got specifically says “Get 500 FlexPoints For Learning About FamDoo”, so I think you will get the FlexPoints.

    I would GUESS they don’t know if you watched the video, and the bonus is triggered as soon as you click to go to the other site. I have always gotten the points they promised, albeit a few months later.

  6. Delta Points- The problem is that nowhere on the FamDoo video page did it even mention receiving the 500 FlexPoints bonus. I did click over to the site while logged in to the PromoSite, but how does US Bank know that I watched the video!

  7. It is not instant. They take a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time to credit from all their promos. Like 2-3 months. But I have always got credit in the past. Ya just gotta wait (what seems like forever).

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