Amenity Kits, Not Just In Premium Cabins

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A couple of weeks back I wrote about what I feel is The Worst Biz Class Amenity Kit Ever.

Considering that we tend to fly much more frequently in coach, amenity kits are not something that we get often.

Over the years we were disappointed with our Singapore kits (more a small pouch), really liked our American Air (business & first) kits and loved Lufthansa’s Awesome Oktoberfest Inspired Amenity Kits. There are quite a few others that I didn’t mention but you get the idea…

While amenity kits come in all kinds of quality and varieties, it’s always nice to get an unexpected amenity kit when flying at the back of the plane. A couple of airlines in recent years stand out for going the extra mile, trying to help make our coach experience a little more comfortable.

The airlines I am talking about are Air Berlin and Air Canada.

Both airlines supply amenity kits to passengers in coach. The kits, while not amazing did stand out due to the thought involved.

Both amenity kits probably wouldn’t last if reused more than a few times. They are both made from the same material as the reusable shopping bags which tend to rip over time.

The Air Berlin kit has a snap closure on the front, while Air Canada has a small velcro closure which I find to be much more durable and easy to open/ close.

Let’s take a look inside each coach class amenity kit:

Air Berlin:

amenity kitI actually like the look of the Air Berlin amenity kit pouch. It has the airline’s logo on the lower rights side and a design reminding me of an engine of the left.

amenity kitThe kit comes with 3 items:

  • Sleep Mask– it comes in a nice gray color with red on the inside. As for quality, this feels like one of the cheapest masks I’ve come across. I’d imagine if you used this, your face would feel sweaty from the plasticky inside material. I personally don’t use them so this isn’t a big deal to me.
  • Ear Plugs– Again, I don’t use them but they feel soft and look like most others that I’ve seen.
  • Toothbrush & GUM brand Toothpaste– Basic small brush but it gets the job done.

Air Canada:

amenity kitThis kit also had a pretty nice yet minimalist appearance. If it was made of a more durable and reusable material, I’d definitely reuse it for plugs or other small items.

amenity kitThe kit has 4 items:

  • Sleep Mask– This is also a pleasing gray color and appears to be of a similar low-quality as AB’s mask. The big difference is the soft lining on the inside. If I wore sleep masks, my bet is that this would be pretty comfy.
  • Ear Plugs– These feel a bit thinner than AB’s plugs but more or less like other ear plugs.
  • Toothbrush & Colgate Toothpaste– An almost full-sized handle which is nice and Colgate toothpaste is a nice addition.
  • Socks– My favorite amenity kit items is the extra item in Air Canada’s kit. They are a nice charcoal gray and soft too!

The Coach Amenity Kit Winner:

While I give both airlines a thumbs up for having these kits waiting at our seats upon boarding, there is one clear winner if I have to choose.

Air Canada comes out ahead for a better toothbrush & toothpaste, along with the real big decision maker- including socks! I also prefer their case to Air Berlin’s version.

I remember earlier in the year Delta introduced Sleep Kits for international economy passengers. I’m pretty sure that we’ve received some sort of kit flying on other airlines in economy in years past. If you’ve received a coach class amenity kit, please let us know which airline it was with and what it was like.

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