Earn 1,000 Bonus IHG Points With 1st Purchase- Targeted

A few months back I wrote about a very nice targeted offer that Kim received from the IHG Rewards Club Mastercard.

Kim had received a replacement IHG card from Chase. To entice her to start using it they sent her a bonus offer of 2,000 points after making her first purchase. This seemed like a very nice offer and easy enough to earn. I charged .25¢ to a NYC parking meter and her bonus posted to her account soon after.

At the beginning of August I also received a replacement IHG Mastercard from Chase. This replaced my existing Visa version.

I was hoping to get a 2,000 bonus points offer for making my first purchase but ended up a bit disappointed.

Along with my card, came an offer for 1,000 IHG Rewards Club bonus points.

Still not bad but half as good as what Kim had received a few months back.

I decided to hold off on activating my new card for a while in hopes that a better offer might come my way. However, with the date of my bonus offer soon coming to a close, it was time to activate and make that first purchase.

In the end, 1,000 bonus points for making a small purchase is still a solid offer, I just wish it was as good as what Kim received.

Did you receive a bonus offer from Chase when you received your new IHG credit card? If so what were you offered?

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