Remember To Use Your 8,000 FREE Spirit Miles

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Back in July, Spirit ran a very interesting and generous promotion Giving Away 1,000,000,000 Miles. Through the promo, each Spirit member could receive 8,000 FREE SPIRIT Miles by filling out a form and complaining about any airline. This was definitely an easy task.

My Share of the Miles posted like clockwork, just when Spirit said they would but I’ve yet to do anything with them since.

Spirit’s frequent flyer program gives a ridiculously short window of expiration. If there isn’t any account activity for your account for 3 months, the miles will disappear, never to be seen again.

Since I don’t have the Spirit World Mastercard, fly the airline or earn miles with their partners, I’ll just go ahead and use them. I’m going to order some magazines for Kim & I and play some online games with FREE SPIRIT Play, where I’ll try to win a prize.

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So far I’ve ordered Outside Magazine and will probably also order TIME. Kim still has to pick what magazines she’d like and then I’ll get rid of the rest on FREE SPIRIT Play.

I’m sure that many of you got your share of the 1,000,000,000 miles that SPIRIT gave away. This is just a reminder for you to use your miles before they expire!

Will you fly, get free magazines or do something else? Let us know what you plan to do with your share of FREE SPIRIT miles.

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