Are Timeshare Presentations Worth the Perks? + Interesting Offer

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Before you jump to conclusions, let’s get this out-of-the-way. I am not saying that buying a timeshare is a good idea or that I would ever consider buying one- I wouldn’t.

However, Kim and I have attended some presentations to take advantage of various deals. At the presentations I’ve always been upfront and let them know that I am not interested and only have only come for the offer.

This usually annoys the salesperson and it is definitely funny to see how quickly their bubbly personality changes.

Last summer, we went to a timeshare meeting in NYC. I found it funny how they tried to entice us by saying we could own a “piece of the city”. Paying a hefty chunk of change plus yearly maintenance fees for a place I’d rarely ever see the inside of certainly doesn’t sound like my idea of ownership.

For around 45 minutes of our time we received something like $50 in gift cards and a two-night stay anywhere in the US.

Booking our two-night stay wasn’t so simple. It took a bunch of time & multiple phone calls to book our stay to “anywhere”.  Anywhere ended up meaning that our 2 nights in Philadelphia equated to staying in Valley Forge, which is 30 minutes away.

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I’ve been receiving offers from Hilton Grand Vacations for a few years now which sound like a pretty solid deal. I haven’t been intrigued enough to take them up on the offer, especially due to the two locations that are usually offered.

For both offers you need to pay for your stay but from what it looks like, you get your stay plus perks worth more than you paid when all is said and done.

For both offers you need to attend a 2-hour Personal Preview and sales presentation of Hilton Grand Vacations Club. This sounds kind of painful if they actually make you stay for the full 2 hours. If you can talk your way out of it quicker, then maybe it isn’t so bad…

Here are the offers:

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Based on the perks included in the “vacation package”, you’re actually purchasing your stay along with 10,000 HHonors points and a $200 Hilton voucher. (Or trading your time for the added benefits.)

What are your feelings towards timeshares and/ or going to presentations to take advantage of the possible perks?

Find out more about the Hilton Grand Vacations offers here.

7 thoughts on “Are Timeshare Presentations Worth the Perks? + Interesting Offer

  1. Baac- Interesting strategies! Not sure I’d go so far as to actually buy & cancel a timeshare purchase! I’d love to hear more about the perks you’ve received from the presentations.

    Andrew G- That definitely sounds well worth it! I’d love to get that offer when it comes time to take Lucas to Disney.

    Robert D- That sounds like a pretty fair deal! The process of getting your voucher reimbursement sounds similar to the annoyance of booking our recent stay in Philly which became Valley Forge.

    Harry- I’m curious as to what you got for your 20 minute presentation?

    Dan- This sounds like the ultimate bad situation and a reason not to do timeshare presentations. Glad to hear it worked out for you in the end although you had to sit through the presentation twice.

  2. My Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare presentation in Vegas was not so great. I sat through the 2 hour presentation; my partner did not join. We asked at check-in and immediately before the presentation if my partner needed to join and was told it wasn’t necessary. Later that evening after I attended, I received a call from HGV that because my partner did not attend, I would have to pay the full rate at the property (instead of the $250 for 2 nights deal I was offered) and pay back the value of the “gifts” (dinner and show tickets for 2) I received after attending the presentation. I was not pleased. The following day, HGV said that we could both sit through the presentation so as not to have to pay full rate, etc. So I got to sit thru it twice! And HGV Las Vegas was pushy and trying really hard to get me to buy (I did not).
    For all the hassle, I would not do it again! The 10,000 bonus points did post immediately. I’ve submitted for the $200 credit after staying at a Hilton property following my presentation.

  3. Hyatt don’t need to convince you to buy their premium product.

    Several years ago I did the hilton in orlando. I was not yet ready to buy. At the beginning I asked what the lowest price was. He smiled and asked straight up if I am actually intetested. I said no. He said that they are not like the others like westgate that try convincing you to buy their product. They have a quality product and people are interested without the high sales pitches. I was out in 20 minutes. Very polite and nice fellow.

  4. Did the Hilton grand Vacations presentation in Vegas. The salesman knew we weren’t interested in buying, didn’t try to hard-sell us and in fact didn’t even make us take the tour of the property and the model unit. So we were out of there in about 45 minutes. In additional to our cheap stay we received an Embassy Suites voucher for a free stay. You have to pay and send the voucher I for reimbursement, which took a long time…over two months but eventually we received a check.

  5. My wife and I sat through a 2 hour timeshare presentation in Orlando and for our troubles each received 3-day park hopper passes for Disney. Saved us a few hundred dollars, so well worth it in my opinion.

  6. I have done many. Some are the deals like you mentioned. Others are people approaching you on the boardwalk or the airport. Negotiate & you can get more money or free tickets to show or 1/2 price to helicopter tours. You can do even better by “buying the timeshare” for more perks and then cancelling within the allowable time. Use a credit card, follow the rules for cancelling exactly & you’ll do just great. The timeshare presentations are always a trip into positivity. Enjoy you while you’re a couple and within the age required. We’re timing out

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