Free uberFAMILY Ride Up To $50- Targeted

When Uber announced uberFamily I decided to sign up even though I wasn’t too sure that I would take advantage of the service.

According to the Uber blog: uberFAMILY is the on-demand car seat option for parents on the go. With the touch of a button and a $10 surcharge, you can now easily and safely buckle up your child.

I thought that it was really awesome that Uber was thinking of families needing to get around with little ones in creating this new option. However, I find Uber to be a bit on the pricey side and am still trying to figure out what the big deal is. After using Uber for the first time while away in Atlanta, we were charged a pretty hefty amount over the estimated price for our ride. UberATL looked into this and ended up refunding me $24. This excellent customer service definitely makes me think much more positively of Uber, at least for now!

As it is, Kim and I rarely every take a cab or car service so we doubt that we will be trying out Uber at any point again in the near future.

However, I just received an e-mail (from UberNYC) which is definitely tempting me to give Uber another try.

Here is the message:

Hi Michael,

We see that you recently signed up for uberFAMILY but have yet to take your first ride. So we’d like to offer you a FREE trip on us!

Being offered a $50 ride for free is definitely a sweet offer! I’m curious to see how Uber is in another city so we really have nothing to lose. We’ll try to book a ride with uberFAMILY before this offer expires and  hope that the total comes close to the estimate given at the time of booking!

If you signed up for uberFAMILY make sure to check your e-mail. You may have received this offer too!

For those of you that haven’t signed up for Uber yet, you can sign up through my link here. You’ll get a $10 Uber credit for your first ride and I’ll get $10 credit after you complete it!

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