Add Authorized User to Citi AA Amex, Get 2 Admirals Club Passes

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I received a limited time offer from Citicards related to my American Airlines American Express account.

If I add an authorized user onto my account and spend $1,500 by June 30, 2014 I will receive 2 Admirals Club passes.

This sounds like a smart way on Citi’s part to try to drum up some use out of the card, however it’s of little to no use to me.

With the amazing Citi Executive AAdvantage 100,000 bonus miles offer, anyone that has the card has Admirals Club membership priveleges. Since I have two cards and Kim has one, I think we are covered!

I feel that a better way for Citi to try to encourage spend on this card would’ve been to offer something like what the US Airways card has often done in the past. Offer me a chunk of miles for a certain amount of spend and I am interested (as long as I am not working on reaching minimum spends on new cards).

What do you think of this offer from Citi? Would it encourage you to add an authorized user and spend $1500 with your card?

11 thoughts on “Add Authorized User to Citi AA Amex, Get 2 Admirals Club Passes

  1. I got 2 free Citi Admirals Club Passes randomly in the mail a few weeks after I got my Citi AA Exec card. Sold them on eBay for $97 total 🙂

  2. Why would you still have this card? You’re paying an annual fee and it’s pretty pointless. I can see keeping an American airlines platinum Visa for the 10% redeemed credit. But this card?

  3. Insteresting…I got the offer but mine is for 4 passes and same spend as follows (copied from email):

    “There’s never been a better time to share the benefits of your Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World Eliteâ„¢ card. For a limited time receive 4 Admirals Club passes after you add an authorized user and spend $1,500 by 06/30/14.* Plus, you’ll earn miles on their purchases too. “

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