Lucas Got His Disney’s Planes Coloring Book, Thanks @AmericanAir

a book and a piece of paperLast week AAdvantageGeek wrote a post about new snacks coming to American Airlines Admirals Clubs. In the post there was some other Admirals Club news also mentioned. 

One piece of news from the post really stood out. 

According to AAdvantageGeek:

Disney’s Planes will be taking off in theaters beginning August 9th. In conjunction with the new movie, as a special ‘pre-departure’ gift, whether you’re traveling with small children, or would like to take a treat home for a child, crayons and Disney’s Planes coloring books will be available (while supply lasts) in all Domestic Admirals Club locations beginning in August.

When I read about this giveaway I had to figure out a way to get a Planes coloring book for Lucas. Lucas isn’t quite ready for a coloring book yet but is showing interest in coloring and already likes planes so this would be a great item to save for him for the not so far away future.

The problem was that I have no upcoming flights with American Airlines in August, which means no visits to an Admiral Club= No Disney’s Planes Coloring Book.

I then thought of an idea to send a message to AA through Twitter. American Airlines is very active on Twitter and does a great job responding to tweets and trying to help out when they can. I went on Twitter and sent a tweet to @AmericanAir mentioning how I heard about the Planes coloring books and asked how I could get Lucas one. I got a response within minutes saying they would look into it. A short while later I got a direct message from them saying they had found a coloring book for Lucas and asked for my address!

a piece of paper with writing on it

Four days after tweeting @AmericanAir I received a package in the mail. 

Lucas’ coloring book had arrived- all thanks to the power of Twitter.

In the package I also received a short, very nice letter. Check it out in the image above.

Along with the coloring book we were also sent a 3 pack of crayons and a very cute Planes- AA patch.

a book cover with a plane and plane on it

Planes Coloring Book

a white box with black text

AA Crayons

a sign on the grass

Planes- American Airlines Patch

I want to thank the American Airlines Twitter team for being great at what they do. They always seem to go out of their way to try to help out!

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