A Step By Step Guide To Washing Hands in Singapore

a sign with instructions on it

Most of us know that Singapore is a very clean country. There are laws to help keep it that way like no littering and gum chewing.

In a country so clean you should expect people to know how to wash their hands. I was definitely surprised to see these signs in multiple places. One thing I did learn (from the sign above) was that you can reduce your germ count by up to 99%. To accomplish this you need to wash your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water.

a poster with instructions on how to wash hands

Here are steps on how to wash:

  1. Rub your palms togther
  2. Run the back of both hands
  3. Interlace fingers and rub hands together
  4. Interlock fingers and rub the back of fingers on both hands
  5. Rub thumb in a rotating manner followed by the area between index finger and thumb of both hands
  6. Rub fingertips on palm for both hands
  7. Rub both wrists in a rotating manner. Rinse and dry thouroughly.
For those of you unsure of how to properly wash your hands, I hope that this post helped you out!

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