A Great Offer Comes In The Mail From US Airways MasterCard

I’ve been hearing about a great, targeted offer for US Airways MasterCard holders for some time now. Whenever I read about people receiving this offer, I wonder when I will be targeted. I currently have two US Airways cards (Kim has one) so I figured that at some point I would receive the offer.

A couple of days back I opened the mailbox and was excited to see the offer I’ve been waiting for. Finally, US Airways was sending me the bonus offer love and the best part was that Kim received it too!

With this special offer, Kim and I could each earn 15,000 bonus miles pretty easily.

To earn 15,000 bonus Dividend Miles, we each need to spend over $750 in new purchases each month for May, June and July. If we miss spending over $750 in any of the months, no bonus miles will be earned.

This is a pretty amazing offer. By taking advantage of it, we will each be earning 6.66 miles per dollar from the bonus. We should also still earn the usual one mile per dollar so for spending $2,250 we will earn 17,500 US Airways Dividend Miles.
If you have a US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard and haven’t received this offer, keep an eye out in your mail. You never know what offer might just come your way.

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