Years Back, I Found Some Vanilla In Germany

a building with a cone on top

Last week I wrote a post about Lucas liking Vanilla. I started thinking some more about Vanilla and it reminded me of something that I saw on my trip to Germany years back.

My brother and I went to Germany and had a great time in Munich and Cologne. We tried out lots of great beers in massive beer halls and visited lots of amazing sites.

While thinking about Vanilla I was reminded of a really bizarre building that we had came across in Cologne. The building had an upside down vanilla ice cream cone on the roof!
I never found out why it was there or what it symbolized but I always thought it was a pretty awesome sight to see!
I decided to do a little digging online. The building said Neumarkt Galerie on it so I did a Google search and came up with a bit of information.
The building is a shopping mall and the ice cream cone was “installed” there in 2001.
You can read about the design and creation of the Dropped Cone HERE.

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