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I’m pretty sure that all of us know someone that has a fear of flying. According to British Airways “almost 25% of people have at least some fear of flying, while about 1 in 10 people have a phobia of flying”.

Growing up, I hated the idea of flying. My first flight went well but after that it was all downhill. I was scared at times but the worst part was getting nauseous. I needed to make use of the barf bag on a few occasions. 

After doing my best to avoid flying for a few years, I decided to take a trip with my older brother and some friends to South Beach during my last year of college. To my surprise, I felt fine on the flight. The only problem was that on the way home my brother and I got stuck in the last row on the plane and could not recline our seats! 

After this trip I couldn’t wait to go away again. I don’t think that I had caught the travel bug just yet but I was interested. 

While reading online recently, I came across an amazing, one day course that can help people get over their fear of flying.

British Airways Flying With Confidence courses help people Conquer Their Fear.
The Flying With Confidence program has been going strong for over 20 years. 
Over 45,000 people have taken the courses with a 98% success rate in helping these nervous flyers overcome their fears. 

A Little About the Course:

  • The courses take place at Heathrow, New York, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. 
  • Courses are run by pilots, cabin crew, psychologists and others
  • The day is broken down into morning and afternoon sessions which are then followed by a short 45 minute flight.
  • Friends/ family of those taking the course can select a flight- only option to join them. 
  • If you have already taken the course you can sign up for the flight- only option to get more time flying on a short flight.
  • Lunch and refreshments are included.
  • For attending the course you can save 10% on a future BA flight by booking within a month for travel within 6 months.
The main reason that the Flying With Confidence courses caught my eye was due to their first ever U.S. course coming to New York’s JFK Airport on April 27. 

The course costs £311, (approximately $463 according to the XE Currency Converter).
(The flight only option to accompany someone on the course is $223.)

This certainly is not cheap but if the Flying With Confidence Course could help you get over your fear of flying, the benefits could be priceless. I couldn’t imagine not being able to fly and visit all of the amazing places that I’ve been to. 

Here are some other upcoming courses: (prices vary)

  • Edinburgh- March 23
  • Heathrow- May 11
  • Heathrow- July 6

Find out more about Flying With Confidence and book your spot by Clicking HERE.

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