Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #2- Don’t Drive in Water- Italy

Last year I was chatting with my friend Dennis, the Lufthansa Flyer about my Ridiculous Street Signs photos and tab. After looking through my photos he told me about a street sign photo of his own that he wanted to share.

When I decided to add reader contributed Ridiculous Street Signs photos, the sign that Dennis had sent me came to mind. I contacted Dennis to see if he would like his sign featured in a post and he was more than happy to answer a few questions about it.

Here is a little info about his photo:

MW: What country & city was the sign spotted in?
Dennis: Isle of Capri, Italy

MW: When did you spot the sign?
Dennis: I spotted the sign when getting off the ferry from Sorrento

MW: Where was it located?
Dennis: On a pier

MW: What was your reaction when you saw it?
Dennis: That there are idiot drivers who need the sign as a reminder

MW: Is there anything else of importance about the sign?
Dennis: Nope

Well there you have it. Thanks Dennis for sending in this Ridiculous Street Sign!
Check out Dennis’ blog Lufthansa Flyer here.

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