Priority Club: 1,000 Points For Your Thoughts

Last year one of my most popular posts was one where I was giving away codes to watch a 90 second video to earn 1,000 Priority Club points.

I’m pretty sure that everyone loves free points so I figured I might as well share another offer that I saw a while back on frequent flyer site Milepoint.

Milepoint member Miles and Smiles created a post about filling out a quick survey to earn 1,000 PC points.
According to the terms, only Priority Club Rewards members that received the offer by e-mail are eligible to participate. Bonus points get deposited 4-6 weeks after completion of the survey. 

I didn’t receive an e-mail for this offer but decided to take a chance and fill out the survey. 
Now I’m just hoping that the 1,000 bonus points post to my account.

I figured that I had nothing to lose and neither do you. 

If you have a Priority Club account, make sure to fill out the survey HERE and take a chance at being rewarded with an easy 1,000 points

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