Hertz Does The Right Thing- Sometimes It Pays To Call

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Yesterday I wrote about our upcoming trip to Louisville and Nashville.

To make this trip happen there was a major obstacle that I had to overcome. I had to figure out a way to get a rental car that was not ridiculously expensive. 

This was virtually impossible. I looked into booking a car through various companies but all of them wanted over $500 for the dates we needed. If I couldn’t find a cheap rental, we would have to skip Louisville and limit our trip to just visiting Nashville. 

Renting a car in Louisville or Nashville and returning it to the same location would cost around $180. However, if we wanted to rent a car in one city and return it to another, the price would be over $550. Talk about a major difference in price!

After looking over a quote on Hertz, I was confused by the price breakdown. I figured that calling was a waste of time but then again, I had nothing to lose.
I called up Hertz and was greeted by a friendly agent. I mentioned that I was looking into renting a car in Louisville and would like to return it to Nashville. I had also said that I was confused by some fees and had some questions about a quote that I received online. She wasn’t too interested in the online quote and offered to check the price for me.

After going over the dates and locations for my rental, she came back with a price of $238.55. Not cheap but a bargain compared to the prices I was finding online. I asked why the price was such a big difference and she said that she did not know and that I should reserve it now because it could always go up.

I went ahead and booked the car. Within 5-10 minutes I had my flights booked on Southwest.

The following day I logged in to my Hertz account. I wanted to check out the price of a car seat rental for Lucas. I noticed that my upcoming rental was called Nashville. This seemed odd since the car was being picked up in Louisville. I clicked on the link and saw a big mistake. 
The Hertz agent had booked my car for a pickup and return in Nashville.

I had to think fast. If Hertz could not sort out this issue I would have to change around my trip. 

I called customer service and explained my situation in detail. The agent told me that she would be sending an e-mail with all of my information and that I would get a call back within an hour. 
I asked her if they could listen to  my original call (since they probably record them). I even told her the time of day I called. She was able see what time I booked my reservation and said that they would be listening to the call to verify the details. 

Within 40 minutes Hertz  called me back. The agent told me that she listened to my call and verified that I did ask for the car to be picked up in Louisville and returned to Nashville.
She said that Hertz would honor the price I was quoted and apologized for the booking error!

I was really impressed. Hertz could’ve avoided my issue and claimed that I made the mistake. However, they took the time to investigate the problem and resolve it in a fair and timely matter.

Hertz has made a new fan with their classy and awesome customer service! 

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