Product Review: The Clever Travel Companion T-Shirt

clever travel companion
A while back I read about Clever Travel Companion in an article online and was intrigued by the idea of having pockets built into underwear and t-shirts. The purpose of the pockets are to hide valuables like money, credit cards and your passport while traveling.
I was really curious to see how the products would look, fit and feel when filled with some of the mentioned valuables..
Fortunately, Clever Travel Companion provided me with their T-shirt with secret pocket which costs $29.90.
A little about the T-Shirt from The Clever Travel Companion’s website:

…The pockets hold all your valuables safely when traveling; passport, credit cards and cash, even keys and cell phones fit and no one will ever be the wiser as to where you are hiding your stuff. Pick pocket proof indeed! …Please consider whether you want a tighter or looser fitted t-shirt & keep in mind that the t-shirts are meant to be worn underneath a second layer to hide the pocket!

clever travel companion

Some positives about the shirt are the high quality material which made the shirt have a soft feel. I also liked the look of the shirt even though, if worn it would be as an undershirt and rarely seen by anybody.

I first placed my passport into the shirt pocket while it was on a flat surface and it fit perfectly. I  tried the shirt on with the pocket empty and it fit well. The problem was when I tried the shirt on with my passport in the pocket. You could easily see all four corners of the passport sticking out. It was evident that something was there. I tried on the CTC t-shirt on it’s own, with another t-shirt, button down & fleece, 1/4 zip shirt. The problem I mentioned occurred every time.

I contacted Clever Travel Companion and mentioned the problem that I was having. My thought was that it was possibly a size issue (even thought the shirt fit perfectly when the pocket was not in use).

I asked about getting a larger size to test out and offered to send back whichever shirt did not fit as well. After a couple of times trying to contact CTC I gave up. I never received a response which really surprised me. When I initially contacted them, I heard back relatively fast and with a friendly and positive response.

I had also hoped to try out their underwear with pockets. This is the item that the company is known for and written up most frequently. I can not judge how the fit is on this product but I sure hope it works better than the t-shirt.

The shirt sounds great in theory but I found that it failed to live up to what it promised to provide.

Find out more about Clever Travel Companion HERE.

If you decide to order any of the products, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

****Disclaimer- The item reviewed in this post was given to me for the purpose of a fair & honest review but it in no way has any bearing on my views****

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