Lost & Found- Where Is My TSA Lock

Not My Lock
A crazy thing happened to my luggage while traveling from Singapore (SIN) to Bali (DPS) on AirAsia. When our flight landed, Kim and I were exhausted. We found our bags quickly and got a cab to our hotel.
It was really late but I was in desperate need of a shower. I went to get my toiletries from my bag and noticed that my lock was missing and replaced by the one shown above. I have been using a black TSA lock to keep my Osprey Airporter closed. I use the Airporter to protect the straps on my backpacks from getting caught in x-ray machines or conveyor belts and possibly getting cut to free them.
Osprey Airporter
At first I was like WTF, how am I opening my bag? I immediately considered twisting the zipper to break it open or going to get a knife to cut the Airporter open. However, I really did not want to break the bag. I need it for my current and future trips and would rather not shell out another $30 to replace it.
I decided to try to open up the lock and lucky for me the dumbass that placed the wrong lock back on my bag never locked this one! I was now able to get back into my bag without destroying my Airporter!
Luckily it opened
I’ve searched all over Bali and have yet to find a TSA lock for sale in any of the shops. Maybe I’ll have better luck when we get to Kuala Lumpur!

4 thoughts on “Lost & Found- Where Is My TSA Lock

  1. If it’s not locked, just reset the combination # and use it. If not and you have the time, start with 000, then 001, and so on, proceeding to 999. No problem!!!! — Rich A

  2. Hi Michael,

    I’m the Social Media Manager for Safe Skies TSA locks. I’m so sorry to hear about your trouble. What a cruel thing to do!

    Safe Skies will ship to Bali. All locks come with a lifetime warranty so if this ever happens again they would be happy to replace the lock free of charge.

    Here’s the website if you’re interested: http://www.safeskieslocks.com/store/

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Knarf- Thanks and good idea… I think that a zip tie would be cut pretty fast if needed!

    Rich- I didn’t realize that the lock could be reset so easily. Too bad I left it in Bali! I love your idea of going through all of the #s but not sure that would be for me!

    Devin- Thanks for info. Great to know that a company stands behind their products.

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