Lonely Planet: Sports In Unlikely Places

a group of people playing rugby
Rugby in NZ

In the spirit of the Olympics I thought that a sports related article from Lonely Planet was worth sharing. 

I am a big sports fan, especially baseball. (Let’s Go Mets!) I also enjoy checking out sports in foreign countries. 
Some sporting matches that I have attended are:
  • Football (soccer) in Scotland and Latvia
  • Aussie Rules Football in Australia
  • Rugby in New Zealand
  • Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand
In December 2011 LP had an article online called “Sports In Unlikely Places”.
The sports and places mentioned were:
  • Ice hockey in Turkey
  • Curling in Arizona
  • Skiing in Iran
  • Baseball in Uganda
  • Dog sledding in Jamaica
a sign on the front of a building

The article reminded me of a time that I experienced a sport in an unlikely place. I never had the opportunity to go skiing as a kid. As I got older I had pretty much lost interest. However, when I heard that you could go skiing in Dubai I had to give it a try. (I am not sure most people would really call the tiny slope skiing). The ski slope is inside a massive mall and you can actually see the odd shape of the slope from the outside. 

On that note, check out the full Lonely Planet article HERE

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