Our First Flight With Baby Lucas

Kim and I were happy to arrive in Barbados after our first time flying with a third wheel- our baby Lucas!
Asides from dealing with a very nasty American Airlines agent at the ticketing counter, everything went smoothly at the airport. Getting through security was a breeze and the TSA agents were very nice. I had heard stories about trouble with bringing milk, breast pumps and other items through security but we had no issues.

After fumbling with putting away the stroller and car seat, boarding also went smoothly.
We boarded in the first group due to having a baby with us. (I could’ve boarded early regardless due to having AA Gold status)
Lucas was really great on the flight. He slept through take-off, landing and most of the way. One of the flight attendants came back to see him a few times but he always seemed to be sleeping!
It was also nice getting bulkhead seats which gave us some extra legroom. There wasn’t any meal service so Kim and I shared a tray table for our drinks and snacks. I am not sure how you open the tray table while holding a baby on your lap…
Our experience flying with a newborn was a really positive one. We just hope that Lucas keeps up the good behavior and cooperates with us on future flights.

4 thoughts on “Our First Flight With Baby Lucas

    1. Yes- Lucas was really great!

      The ticketing agent was just really rude & nasty. I asked the agent about bulk head seats & she immediately cuts me off telling me that they are not available. Then she asks if we have a ticket for the baby so I go no, he is a lap baby & we paid the taxes. So she gets all nasty saying that is a ticket. So I was like yea whatever…
      Then I ask her again a few minutes later if the bulk head seats were available and she gets annoyed that I asked again. She hands over our tickets and we get bulk head for our first flight but she doesn’t even say anything???
      Then she tells us our stroller will have to be checked which I refused. So she is like do what you want but you will have to come back here later. What do ya know- we had no trouble checking the stroller at the gate and getting it once we exited the plane.

  1. I never heard about bulk head seat. Did you have any baby strap during the flight? I found couple that they sell online which hooks on airplane seat belt but not sure how useful they are.

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