No More Comments (For Now) from American Airlines & Award Wallet

After posting Award Wallet Responds To My Posts About The American Airlines Situation to the blog, I sent e-mails to

  1. The PR Rep for AA (that had contacted me initially) to see what his thoughts were on Award Wallet’s comments in the post.
  2. The Award Wallet President letting him know about my post (that included the comments he had e-mailed me regarding AA) and asked him a bunch of questions…

This is my e-mail sent to PR for American:

Hi Alan,
Just wanted to let you know that the President of Award Wallet sent me an e-mail and the Co-Founder & CTO responded to my post that included AA’s response to why the extension could be not used.
I made another post to my blog with both of their comments…
You can check the post out here.
If you get to check out the post, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on what AW had to say.
Michael W.

 The response was:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for sending this. I appreciate you sharing the thoughts from AW. However, what I provided earlier is all we can say at this time.
This is my e-mail sent back to the President of AW:
Hey Jeff,
Thanks for writing to me. I made a post to my blog with the e-mail you sent me and a comment left on one of my posts by Alexi V.
I had a couple of questions for you.
1- Why do you think AA is so against being tracked on Award Wallet?
2- Has AA tried to charge Award Wallet a fee to be allowed the rights to be tracked?
3- Has AA tried to help or asked AW to do something to comply with their “rigorous security requirements”?
4- Is Award Wallet being considered as one of the mileage tracking sites that will qualify to track AA? I am assuming no…
Michael W.
The response was:
          Hi Michael,
Unfortunately, I can’t address your (perfectly reasonable) other questions at this point but I hope to be able to do so within a couple of weeks.
Jeff Bianco
President Award Wallet
I was hoping to get some more answers but it is definitely understandable that both sides can not comment any further for now.

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