Winners of the Kiva $25 Gift Card Contest

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I want to thank everyone for entering my Milepoint Kiva Gift Card Contest.
(Read about it here)

To learn more about the Milepoint Kiva Lending Team click here.

So on to the fun part.
The contest had 23 entries. Two winners were selected using
I am giving away one $25 gift card & Milepoint was kind enough to match the offer.

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 Here are the winners:

  1. Comment #10: Tim who wrote “This is awesome!, Thanks just joined the MP team.”
  2. Comment #14: Carwag25 who wrote “Love the post and thanks for the mention of the Milepoint Kiva team!

I responded to your comments in the post. Please respond back with your e-mail so you can receive your prizes.

If you are intersted in joining Kiva, click here.

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