AA Forces Award Wallet to Discontinue Extension

American Airlines has once again put a stop to allowing people to track their mileage balances on Award Wallet.

When AA sued Award Wallet (I believe they threatened to sue) last year they came up with a browser extension as a solution. AA felt that Award Wallet was collecting customer’s mileage data. The extension seemed to solve this issue by storing data locally on your computer.

The extension will be discontinued on 2/25/12.

Here is the post about this from Award Wallet:
“We regret to inform you that we will be discontinuing support for the AwardWallet browser extension on February 25, 2012. This means that you will no longer be able to track your American Airlines related information (balance, status, etc.) on AwardWallet.com.

 We have been forced to take this action by American Airlines’ stance toward AwardWallet. We created the browser extension in order to address American Airlines’ concern that AwardWallet was collecting customers’ mileage data. We believe the extension addressed this concern because it simply collected your mileage data and stored it locally on your computer. American Airlines, however, objects to the extension. It’s position appears to be that AwardWallet is prohibited from providing any software tool that facilitates the ability to track the customer’s American Airlines’ mileage information. We think this is unfortunate.

Please make a note of your AAdvantage number and password as you will not be able to see it on AwardWallet.com after we make this change. Thank you for your continued support of AwardWallet.com!”

Award Wallet posted the info regarding the AA Extension here 

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