Marriott Rewards-1,000,000 Points Facebook Sweepstakes

Marriott Rewards is running a sweepstakes through Facebook and there are lots of Marriott Reward Points being given away.

The prizes are:
– One Grand Prize of 1,000,000 Points ($12,500 value)
– Five First Prizes of 100,000 Points ($1250 value)
– Fifty Second Prizes of 10,000 Points ($125 value)
– 3,720 Instant Win Prizes of 1,000 Points ($12.50 value)

To enter the contest you need to 
1-Have a Marriott Rewards Account (or sign up for one)
2-Like Marriott Rewards on Facebook
3-Go to the Sweepstakes Tab on the left side of the page and sign up!

There are up to five instant winners of 1,000 points each hour, each day and you can enter every day for a chance to instantly win 1,000 Marriott Points.

Double your chances to win by also Liking Marriott International on Facebook. Entering is the same process as above.

The contest ends on 12/31/11 and on or around 1/4/12 all of the big prizes will be given out.

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