Beer Tasting in Bruges, Belgium

While on a trip to Belgium my brother and I wanted to try as many beers as possible. In many bars, the beer menu is the size of a book. It can be really hard to decide which beers to try but the waiters are usually happy to give suggestions.
Some of the beers could be pricey so we thought of a plan to order one beer at a time & share them. (This way we would always have a cold beer & could maximize our beer tastings.)
Early one evening we were wandering around Bruges and noticed a quiet shop with a great beer selection & pretty decent prices. We asked if we could buy some beers to drink in the store since it was pretty cold out. She said no problem and this led to an improptu beer tasting session!

We tried around 5-6 beers and decided to spread our friendly, good will by sharing a taste with some locals. All we asked was for some suggestions of what to try next!

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