A Visit to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty

a man jumping in the air in front of a statue

I’ve lived in Brooklyn,NY my whole life and never thought much about visiting the Statue of Liberty. When I read on NewYorkology that the statue would be closing at the end of October for upgrades, I figured why not go before it closes.

Originally we went on our visit in July but due to extreme heat that day the crown was closed. We rescheduled and visited today.

To get to the crown you need to climb up 350+ steps. It take only 5-10 minutes to get to the top but can be a bit claustrophobic on the spiral staircase. They space out the amount of people allowed to do the climb very well so no one should be in your way.

a spiral staircase inside a building

When you get to the top and inside the crown, a couple of rangers will be there & will try to answer any questions you might have about it. Also, the views are really great!

a statue of liberty with a green lawn and a water bodya view of a city from a window

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