2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Street Signs: Dog Poop- Tbilisi, Georgia 1

  1. Georgian government should know if they want to earn tourism they need to keep the streets clean. They easily loose all Muslim and Jewish tourists simply because they consider dog poop as dirtiest thing ever and also American and Germans hate the dog poop. solution is easy: dogs shouldn’t be freely walk every where. They should be adopted or put to sleep if no one adopt them. Keep Georgia clean and be the tourism capital of the region .

  2. To whom it may concern in Tblisi.

    We’ve seen Tblisi online and have decided to visit at some point for a holiday after the Covid19 episode has ended as it looks like a fantastic place.

    In the UK there are strict rules for dog mess to be cleaned up and if anyone is caught by the authorities leaving it behind they would face anything between £500 and £1000 fine which are quite hefty amounts of money. Unfortunately people still leave their dog mess behind but the problem is not as bad as it was over 20 years ago when dogs were allowed to roam the streets unsupervised, that was stopped in the 1980s. The rules for cleaning dog mess up in the UK came into force in the late 1990s.

    This sign in Tblisi does not look permanent, it would be better as a permanent fixture on a metal post in the raised bed by the pavement and plenty of signs in the areas just saying.

    We do have anti dog fowling signs in the UK usually where there have been a lot of problems with irresponsible dog walkers being inconsiderate to the local areas.

    Kind regards from us

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