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A Couple of Travel- Related Videos

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I recently came across a couple of travel- related videos on youtube that I found interesting and worthy of sharing. One is about airplane fuel efficiency, the other about an airline’s new employee uniforms. 

Find out more about the videos and check them out below.

Video 1: Boeing’s Advanced Technology Winglet: Better Wings For A Better Planet

Boeing is increasing fuel efficiency on the 737 with the help of an improved winglet. 
The winglet is “a device used to help improve the aerodynamic characteristic of the overall wing. It makes the airplane more efficient.” The original winglet helped improve fuel efficiency by 3.5-4% and they’re hoping to improve on that by up to another 1.5% with the changes being made. 
Find out more in the video:

Video 2: United: Taking to the runway in new uniforms

United employees started wearing new uniforms this week. Based on what I saw in the video, they are OK, maybe a bit boring. It seemed like many female employee uniforms include a neck scarf. According to the info, the new designs help create a unified look. I’m guessing that the models were actual United employees due to how uncomfortable many seemed in the video.

Check out the video below:
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