Step Back In Time At Teddy’s Bar & Pizzeria in Elmont, NY!

PizzeriaA couple of months back, we were heading to one of our favorites pizzerias in the NYC area, King Umberto (located in Elmont, NY)!

Along the way, we spotted the amazing neon sign on Teddy’s Bar & Pizzeria.Intrigued by the sign, I pinned Teddy’s to my map for a future visit.

Kim then decided to do a quick search to read into Teddy’s. There wasn’t a ton of information but some reviews did say that the pizza was pretty good.

Regardless, I’d have to find out for myself.

Fast forward to a little over a month later. We decided to head over to Teddy’s, hoping that it would be open.We walked inside to a time warp, mint green vinyl booths and all! Teddy’s was empty and I’m pretty sure we were the first customers of the day. Check out the bar…After ordering, it took a while for our large pie to arrive. I can’t say it looked pretty but it did smell really good.Waka waka!We couldn’t wait to dig in and were all really impressed from the first bite! Like I mentioned above, it might not look pretty but this pizza had great flavor. We loved how the cheese and sauce melded together. Here’s a look at the undercarriage. Check out that crispy crust!

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t have high expectations for Teddy’s Bar & Pizzeria but I’m really glad that I let my curiosity lead us to visit. Teddy’s is a unique place which would be pretty hard to replicate, both the bar itself and it’s interesting and tasty pizza.

After posting about our Teddy’s visit on Instagram, I received messages and comments from quite a few people. A bunch of people had also driven by Teddy’s noticing the sign, wondering if it was actually open. A handful of others mentioned how they lived close by and had no clue that it was in business.

Teddy’s Bar & Pizzeria is definitely open and I’d say that it’s definitely worth a visit!

For those of you interested in visiting, Teddy’s is located at 718 Meacham Ave in Elmont, New York. 

8 thoughts on “Step Back In Time At Teddy’s Bar & Pizzeria in Elmont, NY!

  1. By the way, if you like this you’re likely to enjoy “Eddie’s Pizza” on Hillsdale Ave, New Hyde Park. They also serve a crispy bar pie, a bit thinner and rather like Colony Grill in Stamford.

  2. Best damn pizza and Italian food I have ever had. Spent many holidays there with family. At that time the place was dated and not sparkling but the mother still cooked the greatest Italian food and pizza! Teddy sat behind the bar and ruled the roost. His sons took over and continued the great fare! We later moved but still remember it with great fondness!

  3. I was just there a few months ago. I grew up in Elmont and we had Teddys pizza quite often. It certainly is like walking into a time warp. It’s been like that forever. Great little local spot for a beer and pizza.

  4. Mak- We’ve been to Eddie’s many times. Not great on our most recent visit. Colony was awesome last time we went! Riko’s was also super enjoyable.

    Denise- That’s awesome! Do you know what else they serve or is it strictly pizza? I think I heard there might be some Italian food offered too…

  5. I pass by Teddy’s every couple of months and have wondered if it was open! Although I’m not sure when I will be back in that area, my curiosity is piqued and I may need to check it out!

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