An Interesting United Mile Play Offer To Earn An Easy 2,500 Miles

UnitedUnited recently sent out a Mile Play offer where I could earn an easy 2,500 miles.

Some of you might be wondering what Mile Play is… According to the e-mail, “Mile Play lets you earn bonus miles when you meet goals we’ve set just for you.”

When I opened the e-mailed, I assumed there would be a variety of tasks which needed to be completed. However, there was just one goal which I’d need to reach.

To earn the bonus, all I need to do is book and take a trip one time. The purchased fare needs to be at least $50 to qualify. United is giving a few months time to earn the bonus. (I need to register and complete the goal by July 30, 2022.)

While this is a pretty straightforward and simple goal to complete, I don’t think I’ll be earning the bonus. We currently have a couple of trips planned. The next trip with a flight we book will be for travel in August and we expect it to be paid for with miles.

According to the T&Cs, “flights on award travel tickets do not qualify for meeting the requirements of this offer.

Did you received a Mile Play offer from United? If so, how does it compare to the one I was sent?

If you didn’t receive an e-mail from United, click here and enter your MileagePlus number to see if you have a Mile Play offer  to earn some bonus miles.

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