There’s An Interactive Map Ranking The Best Bagels In NYC!

BagelsBesides pizza, bagels are probably one of the most New York foods.

It isn’t too hard to find a bagel shop around the five boroughs. One man, Mike Varley, decided to create an interactive map, ranking over 200 bagels he ate around the city.

The site, named Everything is Everything, an ode to the fact that every bagel that Varley reviewed was an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, according to Time Out New York.

The bagels are ranked on a 0-5 scale and each shop is given a borough and overall NYC ranking. (They are also given scores in three categories- store bagel and spread.)

As a way to monetize the site, each bagel reviewed is sold as a NFT. Out of the 202 bagels eaten, Varley has already sold 80 of them!

I checked out the rankings for a couple of local shops in my area, curious to see how they did in the rankings.

What I’d consider the most popular shop close to home is Bagel Boy. They ranked #3 in Brooklyn and #7 in NYC. We find that Highway Bagels make some of the best bagels in NYC. The shop didn’t do so well on Everything is Everything though, ranking #50 for Brooklyn and #143 in NYC.

I plan to check out more of this fun site dedicated to NYC bagels and use it to find some new shops to check out.

Find out more and check out Everything Is Everything here.

3 thoughts on “There’s An Interactive Map Ranking The Best Bagels In NYC!

  1. Why is Ess-a-bagel on First and 19th St in Manhattan missing? I can certainly appreciate the efforts here, but the omission of iconic and news-worthy shops decreases the reliability of this map.

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