No Reservations At White Castle For Valentine’s Day In 2022 But…

White Castle
image: NY Post/ White Castle

White Castle usually offers Valentine’s Day dining reservations to celebrate the special day. I was definitely curious to see what this experience was like but my wife Kim definitely wasn’t interested.

Due to COVID, White Castle offered reservations to “come park & crave at their socially distanced car-hop style #LoveCastle” in 2021.  Again, Kim wasn’t interested!

For 2022, the slider chained canceled their special Valentine’s Day dinner due to COVID-19 but the Castle still has got you covered.

The New York Post reports that a special meal will be offered. The meal is a “new “Love Cube” takeout deal for two“.

The Love Cube comes with “eight cheese sliders, two small soft drinks and a choice of two shareable sides, all adorably packed into a hot-pink box for $14.99 ($14.69 in Louisville and Nashville) while supplies last“.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can also try a strawberry swirl cheesecake on a stick!

While I don’t believe Kim will be interested in this special White Castle meal to go, one of my other loves, my 10 year-old son Lucas would definitely be interested. Regardless, I think we’ll probably pass. 🙂

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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