I Won Hamilton Tickets In NYC And Then I Didn’t…

HamiltonHamilton has been one of the most sought after Broadway show tickets to get in NYC.

Besides being hard to get, Hamilton tickets can be very pricey.

Over the past few years, I’ve entered the Hamilton ticket lottery, trying to win tickets which you then get the chance to purchase for just $10.

I recently started entering the lottery again. I have to admit, I don’t really know much about the show but I’d definitely like to see it due to curiosity. I’ve wondered, is the show worth the hype and the price… (I’ve heard that it is.)

This past Tuesday, I entered various Hamilton ticket lotteries for shows taking place the following week.

The following day, I received an e-mail that I had won tickets (to purchase) for December 4 at 2:00PM!!! Talk about a nice pre-Thanksgiving surprise!

This was pretty exciting as Kim had wanted to see the show, too. Going to a matinee for Hamilton would be a nice date away from the kids. (We love our kids but a little break for a few hours is always nice! 🙂 )

I’m a teacher for the NYC Department of Education. Using our phones during the school day is a big no no.

The e-mail regarding my lottery win came in at 12:12PM. I did not know of my win right away. Once I found out that I had won the lottery, I tried purchasing the tickets. This was at around 2:45 (and after my students had gone home).

When I clicked the link, I got a page not found error or something along those lines.

I was definitely confused as to what the issue was. I then saw that it stated tickets must be purchased within two hours of being notified of winning the lottery. Seriously?

You’d think that winners would be given at least 24 hours to claim the right to buy their tickets. HamiltonI searched for a customer service phone number but came up empty handed.

I then found a customer support e-mail. I sent an e-mail at 3:07PM, receiving an automated message soon after. That was of no help. I replied to the message, like the e-mail stated, since my questions were not answered.

I’m now holding out hope that the fine people at the Hamilton Lottery look at my situation and honor my lottery win or give me the opportunity to buy tickets for another date.

Let’s see what happens.

6 thoughts on “I Won Hamilton Tickets In NYC And Then I Didn’t…

  1. I know it’s very popular however Hamilton is a misguided liberal attempt to hijack a founding father of our country and twist it into some lame attempt at rap mixed with political correctness. Oddly they are failing and don’t even know it. They think they are damaging some white culture establishment in order to teach our young to hate their own culture, their own nation. They’re also supposed to hate its founding when the rot supposedly started. What they actually do instead is Glorify not just any Founding Father, but Alexander Hamilton. The first Secretary of the Treasury. The Founding Father that is more responsible than any other for making the United States of America the capitalist colossus that it is today. The way they run this ticket lottery should be a sign.

  2. What exactly is your situation ? The terms and conditions shown when you entered said you must claim it within two hours. I’ve entered numerous Broadway and off Bway lotteries, won more than my fair share, and always replied immediately and had my seats.

  3. According to the official rule in the lottery page, you only have TWO hours to purchase the ticket.

    Once notified, winners will have two hours to claim and pay for their ticket(s).

  4. DaninMCI- I don’t know much about the show and hoped to go and see it for entertainment and not for any political agenda.

    Max- I see. You are an experienced Broadway Lottery player, I, just a novice.

    Perry Huang- Yes, I already learned that the other day. I am not sure why I would be notified at 12:12 and only have until 2p. That is not two hours. Regardless, I can not just stop teaching/ watching my students to check my e-mail assuming I won the Hamilton lottery.

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